Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Perdido Key Part 2

Over the past several years our boys have played the same league for sports which is actually at our church. The boys have met a sweet boy named Jackson and we have also become great friends with his parents and little sister. This family is so sweet to us and they decided to meet us down at the beach and spend some time with us. They were able to get a condo in the same condominium as us so the kids had a BALL!!!! It was a great time for all of us! I'm so glad they were able to make it and make memories with our family!
Here is myself and Jackson's Mom, Tiffany.

This picture is from one of my early morning quiet times I had on the balcony, all by myself. Just God and I spending time together. It was Heaven!!!
The picture of John in the pool cracks me up for some reason. Having a goofy time is all we know how to do, I love that man! Then Westin just sitting on the sit, I promise I could eat his little cuteness right up!!

I LOVE this picture of Luke with his thumbs up, this is his personality to a tee! My little Lukie-Luke is always 100% happy (unless you beat him at a game, he's still learning to lose).
It was a bright and sunny day! Loving the beach! Note: we both have our sunglasses on our heads, doesn't make a lot of sense. :)  

Since Westin didn't like the beach a whole lot, he was very fond of taking great naps on the beach each afternoon. It was perfection and my time to enjoy laying out without a toddler on me.

Jackson and Will with some boogie boards. They boogied their little hearts out so much that they had boogie board burns on them that had to be doctored each night. From what they said, it was totally worth it Mom!


This was me the entire time Westin was awake and on the beach. His eyes are so light blue that when he didn't want to wear his hat, he couldn't see anything. Poor thing, but I enjoyed the bonding with this angel!!
One night we drove into Gulf Shores and went to LuLu's. It was a BLAST and seriously Disneyworld at the beach. It was so much fun for the kids and adults. We waited for 2 hours to eat but enjoyed the entire time. Here is a picture of our family and us with our friends. Sorry for the crazy eyes, the person taking these pictures didn't do the best of jobs. (Personally, my pet peeve!)

Sweet boys and sweet friends!

I told you it was bright and this was the last day at the beach so it was really HOT outside and the water was freezing. I thought that was kind of odd, it was so different then any other day we had on the beach. That day we spent mostly at the pool.
Daddy was proud of this fake gator, he is known for taking pictures on vacation with big fake animals. Then one day at lunch we found a rebel! :)

Will enjoying some fresh oysters with Daddy and I. He is definitely our boy! Daddy and I can tear up some oysters and Will has become a huge fan!
Me and my sweet Lukie Luke! Special memories where made on this wonderful trip! 

I can't wait to take another fun trip with my family. We literally live for all of our vacations, they are so much fun and usually much needed at that time. Taking time away from every day life is wonderful to do and such a blessing. Coming home back to reality is difficult to do! I with each day was a vacation but then we wouldn't treasure that time as much as we do.
My next post on Perdido Key will be with our beach pictures. Fun times! :)


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