Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to my late night post..ha!

It sure does feel great to have my internet back and working so I can be back up to speed. Well this is my second week of jogging each night. This first few days were pretty easy and I thought, well this is going to be GREAT. This week was much harder, my bestie (Ashley) and I walked 4 miles last week and yesterday we could only do 3..hahaha! Tonight we did 4 miles again and tomorrow we plan to do the 5 miles and continue each night after that with 5 miles. Many times I have gone through phases where I walk every night, but at those times I will only walk about 1 to 2 miles, this time we are going all out and not stopping this time! At times life gets super busy and we just can't get together to do it, but thankfully we do it at 9pm, once the kids are all in bed and that makes it better for us both to let lose and enjoy the jog along with each other's company.
Tonight I also went and saw a good friend of mine, Liz, who just had her second baby boy. She went into labor on Friday afternoon during those horrible storms...hahaha, isn't that hilarious!?!? So anyways, Toby Allen Beyer made it into the world on Saturday morning, he is just adorable and I'm so happy for Chris and Liz. A new baby is always such a blessing, just the whole birth process and then the next few weeks. Those are the times that I cherish most about my newborn babies. I mean, I was holding Toby tonight, trying to remember the times when Will & Luke were that tiny. It was so long ago to me it's hard, but it brought tears to my eyes. Those are the moments that no one will ever take away from me. I mean it was just Daddy, Mommy & baby, we would just stare at them, hold them so close and know that they would not always be this way... Gosh, I need to stop talking like this, I will start getting baby fever again and we don't need that right now!
I hope everyone has a blessed evening and rest of the week! It's a hot one here in Memphis, so stay cool!

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Emily said...

YAY on walking! I need to walk that much, but I just don't think I can. Especially with no one to walk with.

Lincoln is only 7 1/2 months old I have a hard time remembering what he looked like and how he looked when he was first born. They don't stay little for long do they?