Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WILL~be Wednesday

5 years old
MY 1st boy
sweetest child EVER
stunning blue eyes
full of LIFE
LOVES to laugh
strong/protective love for his family
enjoys Mommy/Daddy alone time
can catch us off guard with how smart he can be

LOVES the Lord
must always look nice
likes flip flops
wears tshirt and boxers to bed
very active
enjoys sleeping
LOVES his "pandie"
like to help MOMMY
gorgeous thick light brown hair
SUPER excited about starting kindergarten
enjoys learning new things
loves adventure

Ole Miss is his favorite team
SUPER brave
very strong
enjoys the outdoors
has a serious side
stubborn like his Momma
makes us laugh everyday
still takes naps all the time
very photogenic

LOVES his Grandaddy
thinks he's big with his new bunk beds
let's Luke know he is the boss
was suppose to be a girl & surprised us ALL

I call this boy my WILL.... I love you son! God gave us the best surprise of our life by sending YOU to US! You are one of the best blessings sent my way!

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