Sunday, May 30, 2010


Our life has been busy lately... the picture above is Will's last day of school with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. H. She was so wonderful to him and I'm so proud of Will. He's such a wonderful kid, I honestly do not think sometimes I deserve him! He's my 1st grader now... gosh I can't believe it!

Here's both boys at the dentist... they both LOVE going to the dentist, Luke would not look at me, he was too busy playing with the instruments. Here's the difference in my boys, Will: would not touch the instruments, just let the correct people deal with them, he was not even curious, Luke: would NOT leave them alone... kept touching them and would NOT sit on his booty. Complete opposites :)

One night recently the boys stayed up late and my poor kids just can not stay up, they will try with everything to stay up past 9pm and they just can't do it... we found Luke down underneath the coffee table last night.... sweet thing!

This is from last week with the boys, I think before Luke's after school program. They had just gotten hair cuts and I wanted to take a few pics before their hair got messed up. Luke got his hair cut in a short mohawk.... Will's is just short for Summer because he gets so darn hot playing football....

I hope y'all are enjoying the Summer!!!! The boys are starting to fight a lot this week and it's only the first week of summer break. Next week we are meeting Mom in Mississippi so she can take them back home with her for a week. They are SO excited, but I promise not as excited as the hubs and I are... I will be packing their suitcase Sunday with a grin on my face :) Honestly, I am excited to be spending this quality time with the hubs, but I also will miss them terribly, it's bitter sweet, but best for us all!!!! :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!!!

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Heather said...

Cute pics of your boys!! Yay for summer!! I wish Emma loved the dentist, she has got to go on Thursday and I am praying she does good!