Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Baby Names

I typically do not participate in Kelly's Korner's "Show us your life" but lately she is coming up with some topics that I just can not resist!
Today is about baby names, you all know we have two boys already and then I will let y'all know if we have more, what their names will be, if the hubs approves! :)
John William "Will"
John is obviously after his Daddy (my hubby's) middle name. My hubby's name is Cary Jonathan, the hubs hates Cary (or did not want to name our boys that) so we did John for short.
His middle name is my Daddy's first name and we call him Will for short. His name could not fit more perfectly for him! He is definitely a Will!
Steven Luke "Luke"
Steven is after my father in law's first name (the hubs father) and Luke is a biblical name that means a lot to us both. When we heard it for a boys name, we looked at each other and immediately said this is it. So that is how we got Luke's name :)
Now if we are so blessed to have another child, if it is a boy more than likely, we will name him Cary James and call him James. He will have his Daddy's initials and his Daddy's first name, but we will call him James because it is biblical and it's my mothers father's first name. I never met him because he passed away when my mother was young, but I would love to honor that name! What I do know about him is that he was a wonderful man that loved his family!!! (the hubs has no idea about this name, so it would of course have to be approved by him first!)
Now if God would be so kind and send me a baby girl... oh how I would LOVE that!!!!!! hehehe.
Our little girl, if we got preggo right now, I would have to say I would name her... Madison Kathleen or Madison Kate and call her either way "Maddie Kate" Madison was my Grandfather's middle name, when he passed away I was pregnant with Will and as you all know we thought Will was a girl, his name was Abigail Madison, so I promised I would name my baby girl Madison and I'm sticking to it. Kate is a name that both the hubs and I both LOVE! It is similar to my name, so I'm not sure if that's weird or not, but we just LOVE that name! I think I like Madison Kate and call her either Maddie Kate or just Kate... what do y'all think???
So there ya have it.... those are our baby names!!!! I hope you enjoyed stopping by!
all have a blessed weekend and Mother's Day, if you get a chance read my post below for my little angels.
Happy Mother's Day!!!


Heather said...

I love Madison!!! So cute, I always wanted to use it but we couldn't since our last name ends in "son"!!

Natalie said...

I love Kate.. It's my grandmother's name so if I ever had another girl I wanted to name her that. I almost named the daughter I do have Katelynn Blair. The first name after my aunts & grandmother & Blair is my grandfather, dad & brother. Unfortunatey, my husband's family alredy had a Katelynn so I lost my name.
Instead, she has a combination of his & mine. Jolie is the Jo from Joe & lie from Natalie. Her middle name is my maiden name.
I love naming kids after traditional family names. It means so much.