Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Drama

So Tuesday night I gratefully went to Mom's Nite out with my church ladies. We do this once a month at a girls house next to church and it is SO much fun!!!! I could not be blessed with a better group of church girls and women!

When I got home from that, the hubs had fed the boys and bathed them, so they were ready for bed (I was so excited and proud of him, normally they just hang out and he doesn't do baths, he's been helping so much lately, I just don't know what to do with myself!) Any who, he mentioned when he was giving Luke a bath he thought he might have a low grade temp. The boys were already in bed when he told me so I said we will see in the middle of the night or morning if he's sick. Sure enough, early that morning he comes in our room running a HIGH fever and saying his throat is killing him. So I stay home with him Wednesday, treat him with the fever and he will not eat or drink anything! Wednesday night was the worst night with a sick kid I have EVER had, in the 6.5 years I've been a Mom. Remember my kids have slept through the night since they were born and even when my kids are sick, they LOVE their sleep like their Momma! But Wednesday night and Thursday morning was a different story. Luke was having breathing problems, could not swallow anything and was just moaning all night, I was crying all night and praying for God to just get us through until morning when I could get him to the doctor. So off to the doctor we went. He has croup and a infection in his throat (I forgot what they called it, not strep what they had thought though). The biggest concern was his breathing and dehydration, so they gave him a shot of meds and sent us to the local Children's Hospital. Thankfully they did not keep us all night and once the medicine started kicking in he finally could eat and drink. It was scary for a while but I am so thankful for everyone who made this a whole lot better!!!!!!

We are home today, Daddy is home with Luke and I'm headed to work! I pray y'all have a wonderful weekend!


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Candice Pair said...

I hope he gets better soon! I know thats a scary feeling!!