Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Question..

Do I or do I not bribe my kids by saying this "If you eat all of your healthy nutricious dinner, you will get 1 oreo"

They typically will eat everything on their plate and I don't mind giving them a oreo for that... is that wrong of me and do you know if that causes harm to them in the future?

Just checking :) Give me your feedback!


Heather said...

Oh goodness, I bribe on every occassion! ha! JK! I do tell them on something I know isn't their favorite that they will get a treat, but we are also very much what we put in front of you is what's for dinner and if they don't eat they don't eat. That's a tough one and everyone feels differently.

Liz Beyer said...

I bribe Chase on a daily basis. :o)
We tell him that if he eats his dinner, then he can have dessert. If we are going out, and I know it will be difficult for him to "be still" (as I call it), I will say, "If you behave and listen to Mommy the WHOLE time, we will get you a special treat on the way home". It usually works 7 out of 10 times. I dont think it hurts him, if anything it teaches him that he gets rewarded for a job well done!

Emily said...

No, I don't think that is wrong at all... look at it this way... your are teaching them early that in life we may not always like what we have to do, but in the end we are rewarded with something we do like.

Natalie said...

My kids know if they don't eat enough dinner then they don't get dessert. The hubs hates that they feel entitled to sweets every night, but if it gets them to eat then I don't care.
I think it's fine to bribe.

Leigh said...

I dont really think its a bribe Katie. :)
Think of it more as a REWARD. You get rewarded for good behavoir and there are consequences for bad ones. So, I do not think there is a problem with saying if and only if you eat all your dinner you will get a treat but no treat if you dont eat whats on your plate. :)


I dont think it is a bribe at all. I think you are rewarding them for doing good. For example if my children take a test and pass it, they know they will get something from our "Treasure Chest". They are being rewarded for trying their very best. It gives them something extra to look forward to. Blessings,