Saturday, August 14, 2010

I miss having little bitty ones around!

This little boy was so happy to see his Aunt Katie... everytime I looked at him he grinned :)

but sometimes he did seem not to sure about what was going on, or maybe all of the noise at my house with two other rowdy boys could not keep their hands off of him...

He did give several of these adorable smiles with dimples and all!!

and I had a helper that thought he was his babysitter, thank goodness L thought Luke was pretty funny!

So sweet! We had too much fun taking care of sweet baby Logan, he's a great, laid back baby! :)


Karen said...

Katie.. how precious !!
it looks like you had a lot of fun with that little bundle of joy..
Thanks for sharing the pictures..
Have a great week.. God Bless

The Branches said...

He's so cute!!!! You need to have another baby :) ha..ha..!!