Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's HOT up in here!!!

I know y'all I need to do a picture post real soon, I took some pics this weekend so I will do a whole post just on them soon, I PROMISE!!! :)
But it is hard to even move in this horrible heat wave we have going on.... the mid south is experiencing record high's this week, we had our 9th death this weekend. It's so freggin hot here, I can't even move, seriously it's too hot to move!! When I get hot I get mad, I can't stand being hot or sweating, so big Momma over here is keeping to myself and trying to keep my cool. I mean it's sad when I'm sitting at my desk, working away and I quickly get up to grab something off of the printer and my booty is damp from sweating, y'all I just HATE it!!! I pray that anyone who has to work in this heat is ok, I would NOT do it or if I had to I would not want anyone around :)
Yesterday I went to Chick~fil~A for lunch, at the one next to my work, it is always packed during lunch time. Since the line is real bad they have people outside standing there to take your order and that seems to make the line go faster, well let me tell you, I felt SO bad for the people having to stand in the heat and sun to take my lunch order, I felt guilty! No one should have to do that, I don't care how much they pay you, that's just cruel!!!
I hope y'all are having a wonderful week, it's been a crazy busy one for me. (but what's new?) This morning I went to register Will for 1st grade, I can't believe my first born is going on the 1st grade.... where has the time gone??? My Momma is driving up today from Georgia for a visit before school starts... I can't wait :) but I'm also terrified of my Mom driving in this heat, but she's hard headed and said she's coming no matter what... so please pray for safe travels for my Momma!!
Love y'all!


Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry it is so hot there. I will refrain from commenting on the weather at my house. Just think, only a month or so before fall starts.

Karen Long said...

Hi Katie.. I know what you mean about the Heat.. he in Fla then heat indexs have been off the charts.. the only way to be outside it at the beach..
I was touched when you spoke about your child going into first grade.. my youngest is starting high school this year and i am heart broken,, it seems like only yesterday I remember thinking I dont ever want him to leave elementary school, cause there is such a innocent with that, and now look, now it is high school..where did the time go? Well Blessings on you and your family,
and I will be talking to you again real soon
have fun at school sign ups..