Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nightly Walks...

We try at night to spend as much time as possible with the boys, with school starting it is really hard due to homework, Will's 1st project due this Friday, dinner, bath time and bed. BUT I tell you nothing brings our family closer than a nice walk while the boys are riding their bikes. It is SO much fun!!! This is the boys after Luke's first time riding his big boy bike on our walks. He was so proud of himself, he kept saying "Mommy I love you so much, aren't you so proud of me?" :)

Luke if you only knew how proud of you we were, that was a special night for us! It doesn't take much in our family to really enjoy the small things in life!

This smile tells it all!!! :)

I hope y'all are having a blessed week, please say prayers for Will, he's still having a hard time in first grade. IF I didn't have to work I would SO home school my kids, I HATE this!! Don't think I haven't tried to come up with plans to make this happen :0


Karen said...

Hey Katie.. Great post and great pictures...
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God bless you and your family

Heather said...

What a sweet boy Luke is, you must be very proud! It is hard to find time to have family, especially wants school starts!! What a great family night!