Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tis the Season...

This year was a very interesting year, Luke was sick with the flu (we believe a mild case) for several days and then Daddy got it... so my household was either on the mends to recovery or smack dab in the middle of full blown flu for Christmas. It was a bummer, but we still tried to make it a special time for all and try not to get everyone sick.

My Mom DID make it to town, I was so surprised and blessed to have her here. She left Monday and went home with a horrible cold, so unfortunately she got sick too! While she was here I hardly took any pictures, but we enjoyed each others company SO much! We shopped, laughed, cried, wrapped, baked cookies, cooked together, napped and just really had a wonderful time! She helped me through the sicknesses.

This picture is from Christmas day, at my In-laws house and the kiddos about to open their presents... my camera died after this one was taken, so I didn't get good ones :)

Christmas morning, Will wanted a lot of the Lego city things... he got his wish and boy, that stuff is SO small and such a mess, but he has been in a lego city fog trying to get it all put together, he really wanted me to help him ALL the time, I tried to help as much as possible but it takes a lot of time and I think he's a little small for these things... he just can't seem to follow directions yet, but he is enjoying it and as long as he doesn't lose the pieces, he should be able to one day get it.

Luke's big thing this year was Hot Wheels... he wanted the "HotWheels Criss Cross" (thanks to Nickelodeon for showing that commercial SO much the past month), but apparently every child his age wanted one too this year, every single Target, WalMart, Toys R Us whatever place that has toys places, both in store and online were SOLD out... but he was not disappointed, I was crying Christmas eve because I knew he would be SO upset. Santa tried for weeks and just had no luck, thank God he was ok with it all. :)

My silly boy in front of the tree.... he is my full of life child, silly all the time!!

Will's snaggle tooth sweet picture.. LOVE it! I kept telling him ALL week that all he wanted for Christmas was his TWO front teeth... he got so mad at me, saying "no it's not!" He did not get any teeth because he is still my snaggle tooth little boy :)

I hope and pray y'all had a wonderful Christmas. I have had several families this Season on my heart, praying hard for families that have lost loved ones and what a hard time this must be. I have a whole new post about that this week... I mean people there are things I just don't understand, but that's blinded faith, Praise God I don't have to figure it out! Just praying hard!!

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Karen said...

Katie.. it look like even with the sicknesses you guys had a great christmas,,
Wishing you and your family a Healthy.. New Year..
God Bless