Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pray for our Health!!!

The past 3 weeks is by far the sickest my family has ever been, it's almost embarrassing to discuss it, but I am asking for prayers.

The hubs and I were discussing tonight that we (I) keep our home very clean, our laundry is always clean, I am a freak about washing hands before eating or doing anything, we take our vitamins, we just don't understand.... this is what all has happened... (along with having car problems since Thanksgiving, been in the shop 6 times now, it's still not fixed but drivable, so we are taking a break and hoping to take it back to the dealership this week, once this sickness goes away... UGH)

First, Luke got sick with the 24 hour stomach bug (week before Christmas), he was fine for a few days then got sick again with upper respiratory problems, his symptoms were never too bad so he did not go to the doctor.

Then hubs came down with the EXACT symptoms, 24 hour bug, was fine for a few days after then came down with the upper respiratory stuff... he had that for 10 days, no joke, he couldn't kick it!! (it must be part of getting older)

Then Mom while she was here for Christmas got sick, stomach bug, poor thing!!!

Hubs family, my in-laws, got either the upper respiratory thing or the stomach bug, not one person got both, but everyone, his Mom, Dad, sisters and their families all got this sickness... we now know it was the FLU!!!!

Last week I got the stomach problems, not too bad though....

Now, Luke ran a fever with cold symptoms this Wednesday and Thursday, he is much better now. Today Will woke up with a very high fever, I took him to the doctor this morning, he has strep. (total shocker, he still says his throat doesn't hurt and he has been the only well one here)

Through all of this I am still blessed, BUT I'm tired, I'm ready to have a normal week....

SNOW is on it's way to the MidSouth tomorrow, we are super excited!! Praying for schools to be out and for us to feel better and be able to get out and play!!! ALSO praying that this bitter cold weather we are expected to have all week does not cause more sickness to creep into this house!

Hope your having a blessed weekend, if you think about it, shoot up a simple prayer for our family!!!

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Mandy's Memories said...

Praying for you to feel better soon. I know how bad it is when you get sick!