Monday, January 31, 2011


Since my 7 year wedding anniversary is coming up, the hubs and I REALLY look forward to weddings... it's so funny, when we first got married, most of his friends were getting married and now it's most of my friends. It is because he is a few years older than me so it makes sense. We never get out anymore without the kids, so weddings are a great excuse to catch up with friends, have a good time and maybe even cut a rug on the dance floor :)

Katherine, her husband and I all grew up with the same group of friends, but we really got to know each other when I started dated my hubs and he just so happened to work for Katherine's husband's family business... talk about a small world!!! She and her hubs Adam have been through all of our ups and downs with us, we LOVE them, they are one of our favorite couples to hang with.. we are looking forward to a get together again soon!

Here is me and my Julie... she was one of my BEST high school friends. She's such a genuine girl, she's beautiful, smart, TALL and is the sweetest! Can y'all believe how long my hair has gotten.. oh Lordy, I want to get it chopped off, it's too long and so dark underneath, UGH!!!

This is our high school group with the bride and groom

Kim is the beautiful bride, she and I have been friends since middle school. Amazing girl, wish we had more time to spend together!!!

Another picture with the high school girls... we had a fabulous time with everyone and dancing!!!!

I hope y'all are having a blessed week!!

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