Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my baby face

No not the singer (or is there even that babyface singer around anymore?) but this sweet baby face I just can NOT get enough of... I love both of my boys the same, they tug at my heart in so many different ways, each of them in their special ways, BUT this sweet baby boy (actually this sweet back talking, teenage wanna be boy) completely has my heart in TEARS when I see old pictures of him... I mean come ON... He's about 1 here and just started to walk, he thought he was something else!!

This picture below he was SO happy to be a big brother, this was Luke's first day home and Will wanted to hold him ALL day long, I am thankful we had them close together because all Will knew to feel towards Luke was L-O-V-E!! His sweet baby face, buck tooth self was elated!!!

And here's my little stud muffin now, such a big boy and thinks he is too cool to smile real big!!!

This family picture was taken a while back, probably the last picture I have with the most adorable baby face, on all 3 of my boys!!!!

I'm in tears now so I've got to head to bed, where oh where does the time go??? I think I should lock to doors and never leave the house again, just savor all of these moments up with these boys because before long he will be graduating from college.. Oh my I can not be getting this old!!!

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