Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Randoms...

1. I want to say thank you to all of you that commented on my commenting problem. I put a call into blogger, hopefully they will get back to me soon! I think I might know what the problem might be, but we will see what they say. After trying to comment, it will ask me to log in again to my account, I will log in, then it will take me back to the same page, just goes on over and over again. My user name to get into blogger is not a "google / gmail" email address, so I think I must have to have a gmail account in order to make comments now, do y'all know if that will fix the problem???

2. I am SO looking forward to this weekend. Even though last night we made the decision to stay home, we have so many fun things planned. Normally we are traveling to visit my family, every year we go to Georgia on the 4th, so it is exciting for us to stay home this year, maybe start some of our own traditions. I know for sure the boys are thrilled (Mommy as well) to be going to Oxford, MS Saturday for lunch, shopping and walking around campus.

3. I am meeting a young girl this week to see about her keeping the boys a few days a week. We have NEVER used a baby sitter, I have been blessed with helpful parents on both sides, but you know we all are getting older and I feel comfortable letting a girl I know or trust keep them some too. We will see how this goes, I pray it goes well!

4. I made Luke's kindergarten check up with our pediatrician, it makes me tear up thinking about my baby starting kindergarten. :(

5. I am only week 4 of running each night. I have not gone a few nights in these weeks and broken it up with some bike riding but so far, I'm loving the new active me!

6. I will do a book review in the next few days, I just finish 2 AWESOME books that I want to tell y'all about... Oh my I cried, laughed and got so mad all at the same time in these book.

I hope y'all are having a blessed week! Only 2 more days til the weekend!!! WAHOO!


Katie said...

Way to go with your running and biking! That's awesome. Especially at night when it might be tempting to skip. ; )

I would love to try biking someday!

Mrs. Jansson said...

I'm proud of your commitment to take some time for yourself (running/biking). I know it's hard for moms to do but I think a healthy you is a happy you (and you're setting a great example for your boys). I hope you have a great holiday weekend! Can't wait to hear what all you do and see some pictures of your cute little guys.