Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's Nothing's

I could not think of a good title for today, it's just a bunch of rambling!

Thank you all for the kind words with the issues we are facing with Will. I have received lots of great advice and have realized that I must stay true to our values and be strong!!! It's hard, but the end result is so worth it!

My font has changed?? I wonder if y'all will be able to see it, as I'm typing it's different but it might post normal on my page, who knows?

ARE Y'ALL HAVING PROBLEMS COMMENTING ON OTHER BLOGS??? Some blogs are asking to select a profile, when we are about to hit submit on your comment... then it won't let me select an option... UGH it is SO frustrating! Please don't think I'm ignoring y'all, I promise I am reading your blogs, I can't comment on 90% of the blogs I follow. I think I'm going to call blogger about this issue.

Hubs and I got into a disagreement (don't you just hate those) tonight about a upcoming trip we have planned.
Hubs: "I really just don't want to go anymore"
Me: "what do you mean?" (my response to everything)
Hubs: "I would rather be at home that weekend, enjoying being outside here"
Me: "We already have this planned, with friends, without kids, being here is NO fun to me, I'd much rather be there!"
Hubs: "you never enjoy just being home"
Me: "I know, please let's just go! I'm leaving for my run now, before I end up strangling you"

During my run I got a text message, yes I keep my phone with me while running, you never know what you will creep up on. The message said he thinks we should go.... that's a good thing because on my run I was in full force sprint thinking of ways to strangle him. Married life and compromising can be hard! Thankfully our trip is back on, I was panicking because I have looked forward to this kid free weekend for weeks!

I have decided to stop trying for another baby, for the time being. There are several reasons, one being that my kids are at a great age right now. They are so independent and I'm being selfish. I am being selfish for another reason because I am working out daily, losing weight and it really bums me out thinking about gaining another 40 lbs right now. I have decided a year from now, I will seriously start trying again. We both don't want this to go on forever, but if we could wait another year, we are closer to trying to sell this house, I will be a smaller person, my body by then might be in better shape and it will give us a year of no car payments and no child care! Can I get a AMEN!!! So we know if it happens before then, we will be beyond thrilled because we have been wanting another one for so long, but I'm also looking forward to not having to chart, worry and take meds to get pregnant. It hasn't worked so far, so I just need time to not worry so much.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! This weekend my goal is to get some sun!!!


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