Friday, June 24, 2011

Blog Funk... Life Funk??

I have not blogged in forever and it's just because I needed a break from blogging, facebooking, caring about what others where up too. This is me just being straight up honest! :)

Blogging to me has become hard to keep up with... I considered getting rid of it all together, but then decided that I would get back into the blogging world soon. Just after I get over this life funk I'm going through!

It's nothing bad, I'm actually spending more time with my boys, my hubby and reading lots of books. Since my birthday this year, I have almost changed completely. Not purposely but changed in more ways than one. Heck I'm getting closer to 30, that's just so scary to me! lol... I have been running every morning for 3 weeks now, reading TONS of books - it is my new obsession and just trying to be a better person! Life can be hard at times, I'm trying to really figure out exactly what I want to be in life and make sure I accomplish it all... you only live life once right??

This weekend I plan to post many updates on our past adventures, we have been a busy family the past few weeks! I am even trying to get pictures together so I can give my blog a new look.

Hang in there people, my crazy stories will be back soon! Not sure if you care or not, but I know my family members that keep up with us on the blog are about to DIE for updates! :)

Hope you all are having a blessed Friday!


Katie said...

Katie, love your honesty! I also love what you said about focusing on what you want to accomplish in life.

I've been spending more intentional time with my boys too, and I'm treasuring these moments...even the crazy ones.

Emily said...

I am in desperate need of cutting back on my computer time. I am leaving tomorrow morning for the beach and I can't wait to get away from it all and spend time with my family!

Way to go on focusing on yourself!