Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Talks

  • Westin has become a Daddy's boy!!!!?? I truly love my boys loving their Daddy so much and it does make me pat myself on the back a little in the baby daddy area BUT I cant help but be jealous. He is my baby but wants so badly to be big. That is the thing with older siblings. He cracks up with Daddy and already knows Daddy is FUN. 
  • I'm almost done with the planning of W's first birthday. He is having a Peter Rabbitt party and it will be totally precious. Ahhh, I remember just finishing up his room and packing our bags for the hospital.
  • This past Saturday was Will and Luke's final basketball game for the season. It is bittersweet for me because yes it will free up so much time for us but we have met such wonderful friends. We will miss seeing them each week but thankfully already have play dates set. 
  • Sunday afternoon we were at my sister in law's for my niece's birthday get together and all the sudden I started to feel weird. J and I decided it was time to head home, once we got home I went straight to bed which this all turned into the stomach bug. Early Monday morning Will woke us up after he became sick, then J got sick 2 hours later. I promise looking back it must of been comical. We were all so sick and trying to take care of each other. Thankfully no one else got it and it was just 24 hours. So ready for warmer weather and sickies to go away.
  • It has been pretty cold here today. They say we might get snow Friday night, I say bring it on but then please Spring soon.
  • Do you ever listen to klove on the radio? I listen to it each day and it blesses me every day. If you dont listen please try it out.The stories and music are fabulous. Thank you Lord for that ministry. When days get tuff they are always so encouraging. My prayer is to be an encouragement to others, obviously never in the way of klove but my prayer lately has been for Him to use me for other's needs. I want to help other's in many ways. I  pray for God's grace to pour through me to other's, soon I will share more on what I have in mind on how this will happen. 
Have a blessed day friends, show God's grace to other's. 

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