Tuesday, February 5, 2013

midweek randoms

* Westin started running a fever Sunday night, why do we always have fabulous weekends to then end with a sick kiddo? I'm happy to say he is fever free now with only a runny eye as evidence. I'm thinking sinus problems right now.

* Luke's teacher called me at 3pm yesterday to say Luke started to run a fever ( I was in the car pool line). So poor thing was super sick last night wih fever. Lucky for Luke, Daddy stayed home with him today and he's all better. Hopefully both boys were struck by a quick virus and no one else gets sick.

* I listen to klove each day. Usually that is the only station on our radio and I find that it sets a better mood in the car. Today a woman called in to say that she stopped using facebook to communicate with her friends. She found that once she did (surprisingly), she started to talk to her friends more often and make a better effort to see them regularly. It makes total sense. I have been feeling very lonely lately and I sometimes believe technology can play a huge roll in my feelings. How easy is it to send a friend a quick message on facebook or stalk their latest status updates for updates on their lives? BUT how much more meaningful is it to pick up the ole handy phone to have a real conversation with a friend? OR even worse how meaningful is it to sit and enjoy lunch with a friend? I'm down right sick of people thinking social media is the new way to communicate. I'm the first to admit to taking advantage of the convience of using SM to communicate but this is exactly what has been bothering me lately. I have been considering getting rid off facebook, I'm still trying to weigh my options. The only advantage to facebook for me is keeping up with my family and a few friends but most of the people on my page I never speak to. Somehow I will find a way to change it...

* We are planning our family summer vacation. We usually go to the beach and to be honest come this summer I might regret this decision but we decided to go to Gatlinburg. The hubs grew up going there all the time and he has tons of things he would like to do and show the boys. He and I went several times before having kids. Now that we have some older boys, we know it will be such an amazing trip for them which in return is epic for us! Something about seeing your children having a blast that makes your heart swell. We save money and take these trips for them so I hope all of the planning pays off for us! God is good and seeing his creation makes life grand.

* Please pray for my sweet Will. He is well, but is having attitude, ungrateful and unhappy ways lately. I would like to know we aren't the only parents dealing with this in a child or that this will pass or even good books on his topic. Will seems to always want more, his life isn't fair, if you do something you know he will enjoy - he more than likely won't. He can be such a sweet, caring, funny, creative, smart and amazing boy... when I see him this way, it hurts my heart!

* My husband is my best friend and amazing. I don't give him enough credit on my blog. I have not always been the nicest person to him but he continues to love me unconditionally. We have a good life together, whatever life throws us we deal with head on. He is perfect for me.

Have a blessed week friends!

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all4boys said...

I'm glad everyone's on the mend. I used to HATE the winter months because of sickness. That part of me was glad when mine started getting older. They seemed to outgrow it.

I heard that same story on Klove yesterday. I'm like you~I'm always thinking of closing my account, but then someone will say something about how God used a verse that I posted to help them in a decision or something. I pray that God uses my Facebook as a ministry, and I've come to consider it just that...my ministry. I really try to keep it positive, too. I'm with you on the friends thing, though...nothing should ever take the place of friends time.

I would love for us to meet for dinner one night. I go through lonely times, too...maybe we can lean on each other! Do you still have my number?

We love Gatlinburg! The last time we went, Jonah and Noah were 8 months old, so it's been a while. I grew up going there almost every Thanksgiving. There's a really cool indoor water park place there that is supposed to be really cool. And Dolly Wood...I'm sure the boys will love it!

Well, sorry for the length of this...nothing like someone writing a blog on your blog. ;) I always love seeing what you're up to. Have a great rest of the week!