Thursday, February 28, 2013

Westin's 10 month pictures

 This past weekend I finally got around to take his 10 month pictures with his sticker. I can't believe I only have 2 more stickers til he's 1 years old! I love this little stinker so much, he keeps us cracking up all the time! 

He was not real happy with me making him sit down for a picture... I could eat up his sweet face!!! He is starting to get that little boy look. You can all find me in a mental hospital because I'm not sure I can handle my baby boy getting so big! 

Even though he's getting bigger, I can still stare at his wittle face all night long. He rarely falls asleep on Mommy anymore but just as I told him, he's still my baby boy!

Bath time has become a wrestling match. I use to get very nervous about him being so rowdy, Will and Luke were NEVER this rowdy but now I let him be. He LOVES to stand up and fall down about 10 times in the water. I can't do anyting but keep my eyes on this wild boy while he's in the tub.

His new face is to open his mouth wide open when he's super excited. He was super excited here about showing off for Mommy! :)