Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Westin is 11 months!!!

Oh my Heaven's above child, you are getting SO BIG!!! We thought you were the sweetest and funniest little thing from the first day we laid eyes on you but sweet child you continue to get better and better. Your little personality is in full bloom. Here are the funny things you love to do:

  • Follow your brother's to their room, you already think they are the coolest.
  • When your big brothers wrestle, you get SO MAD at them. It sounds like you are yelling at them to stop, I guess you have seen Mommy do this too many times.
  • When you are in a sweet mood (which is a lot), you give us all kisses. They are the sweetest kisses I've ever had...
  • Wave bye bye
  • Saying dada, mama, bubu, no no, dis (this)
  • Pulling up & standing on your own but haven't taken any steps yet
  • still drinking milk and bottles
  • still eating baby food
  • You have NO DESIRE to eat table food. It completely puzzles me. Sometimes you eat cheerios but I have yet been able to find table food you enjoy eating.
  • Daddy is your favorite person. He is just the best in your eyes. Whatever Daddy has you must at least touch it, if not play with it (i.e. remotes, iphones, ipad, drinks, books)... when Daddy gets home you do not leave his side

We all Westin are just so in love with you. Lately I have felt guilty for not enjoying my pregnancy so much with you. I knew it was my last pregnancy but I didn't enjoy it as much as I should of. I didn't take into full effect the changes that would come our way by you being placed, so perfectly in my womb.

11 months ago (almost a year!) when you were born, you completely redefined our family. You complete our lives and we look forward to the future with Will, Luke and Westin! We always wanted one more child so before you we always wondered if we would be blessed again. God sure blessed our family and we never fully knew the impact until the day you came into our lives.

Enjoy your last week (and a few days) before your first birthday. Thank you Westin for bringing so much happiness to our lives. Thank you for showing us how important it is to love again, thank you sweet child for being our baby boy!!!

Next week his first birthday post will be up... please pass me the tissues, this can't be happening!!!!

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