Monday, March 25, 2013

Cold, Busy, Fun Weekend

Weekends just run by faster and faster, this must mean that I'm getting older! Friday comes and we all are so excited about spending the weekend together, then Monday morning rolls around so fast that I'm not sure where the weekend went... These days are getting better and better, love my little (big) family.

Mr. Westin is giving me an attitude lately. He was giving me this look in the bathtub so I had to take a picture of him.... this child keeps us cracking up!!! 

Daddy decided one night recently that he didn't want me feeding Westin, so I said by all means help yourself. It melted my heart... Westin was so happy Daddy was feeding him his dinner and he acted so good. Why is it that my children act like crazy people for me (i.e. Luke lying on the Kroger produce section floors Saturday morning, in front of lots of people) but then for Daddy they always act right. When I told J how Luke was acting he was stunned... yes honey your son not only looks like a monkey but acts like one too. A sweet older lady walked up to me in the store (after witnessing Luke's episode, then my episode of turning into the devil trying to get him to get up and stop embarrassing me) She said "Sweetheart, I promise you one day you will miss these crazy moments".... It made me slightly sad for getting onto Luke but yes thank you sweet woman... you are right, one day I will miss these days!!!

Mommy's little side kick went on my nightly walk (well nightly just started this past week). ha... He's so precious, my little monkey is getting so big!!

Last night Ole Miss played in the NCAA tournament. Our little family was super excited to watch the game. We did let the boys (older boys) stay up late to watch the whole game and we felt pretty good about it til the last 20 seconds. Will stormed off to his room, slamming the door, crying at the top of his lungs when we lost at the last second by 2 points. Poor little guy has lots of things to learn and winning / losing games is just one of them. He gets the passion from his Daddy BUT Daddy has learned in his 33 years of life that life is not that important. To Will, basketball is his life right now so as a Mommy my heart hurt for him, but as an adult I couldn't help but grin knowing "this too shall pass".

Those are Luke's little fingers on top of Westin's head and Westin is not happy about it (poor Westin will forever be Luke's punching bag, Luke LOVES to pick on Westin!!!)...
We are proud of our Rebels for doing such a great job this year!!! Hotty Toddy friends!!!

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