Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap.... PROJECTS!

This weekend was fabulous, much better than the previous weekend with us all passing around the stomach bug! Now that the germs are out of the Clements home, Spring cleaning has begun. Spring is my FAVORITE time of the year for many reasons! Saturday is spitted snow all day long and was absolutely beautiful! J replaced our bathroom door (nothing hotter than a handyman), it was a huge project, much bigger than we both expected so while he was working on that I did the following: 

Painted this baker's rack baby boy blue, just like Westin's highchair. It was previously black but I needed some pop added to the room and that's what I got. This baker's rack was my grandmother's and I know it's nothing fancy to other's but it's fancy to me!  

Below I redid our family picture wall. I recently had tons of pictures made of the boys and have nowhere to put them.. I don't want the house to look cluttered with pictures of the boys everywhere but I just can't take older pictures down. So I got new frames and moved pictures around to different rooms.
Here is a living room wall. 

The beach pictures below are now in our bedroom and use to be in the same spot of my new living room wall. Small change but makes a huge difference. 

While Mommy and Daddy were busy with projects, Will and Luke were running in and out of the house 1,000 times and Westin was just making his way from one person to the other and occasionally got to play with the boys. They put this silly hat on him! :) 

While they were outside playing he snuck in their room to play xbox.... he looks a little mischievous here! :)

Nothing better than a good ole lunch at Chick-fil-a! 

Today it is absolutely beautiful and next weekend is suppose to be warm and pretty! Spring is starting to come and I could not be happier! I hope you all are having a blessed Monday, this Momma is very blessed!

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