Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This little cabin and barn off to the side is a picture I took from our trip to Gatlinburg (Cade's Cove). I took this picture while I was in the car with Westin. J, Will and Luke ran up to his house and barn, as if it was our new home. As I sat in the car, I started to cry. I thought about the people who once called this place home. I wonder if they loved and appreciated it more than I did as I sat in the car. Did they wish they had more, like so often we do these days? Or were they completely happy with this land and shelter. I would hope they lived their lives here with pride, I hope they knew just how beautiful this home naturally is... If I could snap my fingers, this is EXACTLY how I would raise my family. Of course a little bit more space would help along with a few modern day amenities but this is what I want. It is what I want for my children and their children. Living a simple life is what I want.
Life has been so busy lately. Sometimes all I want to do is just stop everything and begin to appreciate the simple things in life. You know, the things we often take for granted. J and I both are such simple people I often wonder why God has us in such a busy world. It bothers us, all we want are simple things out of life. We really want what we already have but we need to scale back to really enjoy a simplicity. We have such a great marriage and 3 healthy children. What more could one person want? Well now we want some land and we are looking for it... we are trying to simply do what the Lord calls us all to do. Love one another, pray daily, be kind, exercise regularly, eat healthy / simple meals and trust in the Lord more to give us the desires of our hearts.
I truly believe that if I want this cabin and barn off to the side kind of life, it is something we must work for and pray about.
I hope you all are having a blessed week! 

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