Saturday, June 7, 2014

Each summer....

Will and Luke go to Georgia for a week or two to spend time with my family. With my family living in Georgia you can only imagine all of the fun family events we have to miss so when they go to visit them each summer I miss them dearly, but I also know they are making memories of their own with my family. They both were super excited but it is also upsetting as well. Luke and I cried like babies and I kept telling him he didn't have to go but they both assured me they wanted to go. They safely made the trip and are now sleeping soundly at my Mom's tonight. 

Westin climbed in the truck between Will and Luke. He thought he was going with them and when he figured out he wasn't he was not a happy camper. He kept waving and telling us bye bye. Poor thing, maybe next year. 

Today we spent the day cleaning out Will and Luke's room. While they are gone I'm painting it so now it is all clean, ready to be painted. I can't wait to work on their room, it has been several years with no change and change is always good! Plus a fresh coat of paint is nice if your trying to sell your home. 

Daddy had a helper this afternoon with the yard work. He isn't real sure about being the only kid here but I do think he is enjoying it greatly. He talked to his brothers tonight and it was hilarious what all he was telling them. I don't know if they will last two weeks, I'm secretly hoping they want to come home next weekend.  

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Tomorrow we plan to head to church and then back home to finish up our projects. My first full week at my new job went awesome. I'm still amazed at the doors God has opened for me. Thank you Lord Jesus for our many blessings! 


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