Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tire tracks on a wet road...

You know when it is raining outside (which lately it seems it hasn't stopped) and you are driving down the street, you look in your rear view mirror and notice tire tracks you are leaving behind on the wet pavement. They are slowly fading away, never be seen again. That is how I feel about starting this new chapter in my life. 
I completely stepped out of my comfort zone (which is very hard for me to do) and decided to go work for another company. I can't tell anyone exactly why I decided to do it, it has just felt right ever since the opportunity became available. I am beyond excited about my new adventures. Learning new ways, new systems, new people, new enviroments... everything will be new to me but that is ok, life is about taking chances and I have complete faith that God has opened this door and for me to not look back one more time. 

I've had a week to reflect on my previous job and the new changes that are taking place in our lives. I remember praying to God recently (before this opportunity was brought up) and asked Him to please help us. We were ok, getting by in life of course but selfishly I wanted more. I asked Him to please either show me the way to advance in my career or allow me to clearly understand where I need to be. I knew the company I was at was not bad but that it wasn't exactly what I wanted at that time. He allowed this lady and I get start talking and it was all over from there. God brought her into my life and I am forever grateful to Him, He knew the desires of my heart and prepared my way for me. People, I often sit at night and just thank Him over and over again for my many blessings.

I'm sorry this has turned into a thank you post to the Lord but He is the only one who deserves my praises. God knows what J and I want for our life and family. He knows EXACTLY what kind of life we want to live and He is starting to pave the way for us. There were times we thought it was never possible but He is proving us wrong and He is proving that we much always believe in Him.

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be so scary. It is actually very scary and for weeks my stomach was in knots but I know that I have Him on my side and His way is always the way! This has been  my first week at my new company and I often have to pinch myself. There is a small learning curve with their system but it has already proved to be a very "down home" place to be and I feel so comfortable. My previous job is quickly fading away like the tracks on a wet road but I'm looking forward to what is ahead on this new road that God has opened for me.

I hope you all have a blessed Friday! My Mom is in town and we are enjoying her company so much! I will post more on that later!


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