Sunday, June 8, 2014

Having just one child

J and I both agree having just one child at home is much harder than having all 3 home. Until Will and Luke were both gone I never realized how much they keep Westin entertained. They are older so they often play with each other but since they've been gone I noticed Westin needs more of our attention, I'm sure because they keep him entertained much more than we realized. Plus, being #3 he doesn't get our undivided attention regularly so he is loving it being just him! ;-)

As I said yesterday, Westin did NOT want to stay with us. He was so upset he couldn't go back with his big brothers and his "DeeDee" (my Mom). He quickly got over that because he is eating up the attention from Daddy and I. He has been hilarious these past two days but has been a huge helper. He helped me clean out big brothers room yesterday and today helped me get it ready to paint, he helped us at the grocery store and then helped me put the groceries away. I caught him climbing up in the refrigerator because of course you have to have fun when you are working. 

J and I are really enjoying this time with Westin. We have said to each other this weekend that we don't know what people do without kids. The house is SO QUIET. We have also caught ourselves saying that we don't know what people do with just one child. It is so much harder having just one verses having more kiddos. They must play with one another so it isn't too bad. 

I hope you all have a great week, I will keep you posted on the progress in the boys room. 


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