Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer fun weekend!!

This weekend we had the pleasure of going to Hardy, AR to spend Saturday with some sweet friends of ours, they invited us to their cabin on the Spring River. We had a blast and more importantly the kids had so much fun. They did not want to leave and they fished their little hearts out for 24 hours, it was so much fun! Getting away from Memphis and spending time with friends along with each other is what life is all about. 

The boys would take their floats up to the top of the rocks and float down. It looked like so much fun. I was afraid I would get stuck on a rock since I'm not as light as they are so I decided to sit back and take picture, not participate. ;-)

It was awesome seeing Will & Luke having so much fun. Being a parent we really do everything for our kids and when we take small trips like this it is for them. Watching them have so much fun is exactly what makes my heart so happy. I love my boys so much and seeing them enjoy nature is awesome. 

I had to stick a picture of my good lookin' hubby on here. He was manning the canoe for us while the boys were floating on the rafts. We didn't go canoeing down the river. We stayed in the cabin behind J and just canoed over to a shallow rocky area and stayed there all day. Awesome for the kids! 

Westin was an absolute trooper. He is such an awesome kid and he just goes with the flow. He napped on the river for over two hours and then woke up to get back to his busy ways of climbing on everything. 

 If Will & Luke weren't floating they were fishing and caught fish left and right. There are a ton of fish in the river and beautiful ones at that. Will caught his first bass fish, so proud of this little guy. He really has learned to love to fish and I think it might be something he will always enjoy to do. It is something Mommy has no desire to do but anything for  my boys! ;-)

 This morning we got up, had breakfast with the group of friends and then headed back home. It was a quick trip but as you can see a great time was had by all! We needed to be back for our nephew's graduation party this afternoon. The boys slept a lot of the way home since they were so exhausted and you can see how precious they look.

Although we had a great time, seeing the "Welcome to Tennessee" sign was a great feeling. There is just nothing like being at home! 

By the time we made it to the party, Westin had enough of being on the go. He wanted to be at home in his bed napping and unfortunately we couldn't at that time. He finally perked up and swam in the pool with his cousins. I love me some awesome family times with our extended family!!!

I didn't get any pictures of my nephew, Peyton who just graduated from high school but we are so proud of this sweet boy!! He is such a handsome and smart young man. It makes me feel SO OLD that he has graduated, I remember when he was my kids age and such a baby!! Time sure does fly...

I pray you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week to come! Happy Summer!!!

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