Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh Goodness... so many things to talk about!!

Hey Ladies! Sorry it's been so long since I have blogged, life has just been so busy lately!
Well this weekend was very nice and low key. Friday night we just went to dinner with the kiddos, our fam favorite restuarant...EL PORTON!!! The boys always eat their whole plate when we go! Saturday we went to sweet Charlie's 1st Birthday party! Charlie is the son of one of my sweetest and favorite childhood friends Hayley. Her and Keith have the cutest little angel and I can't believe he's already 1. After the party the boys and I went to Wal~Mart to catch up on some grocery shopping. I always have this huge problem, I constantly go back and forth on which store saves me more money...Wal~Mart or Kroger?!?! Over the weekend it was Wal~Mart, but now I'm back on the Kroger kick that they might save us more money because Kroger double the coupons. Anyways, while we were checking out, I was putting the bottled water back into the bottom of the buggy.. and my back went out!!! Seriously, this has been happening lately, just randomly, Will is full aware of my face when this happens and he knew immediately what was going on. I was trying to make sure no one noticed, so I just quietly and calmly grabbed the ticket and barely, slowly walked back to the car. When I got to the back of my car, I called John and was extremely upset. I did not know what to do (Poor John, it was one of my moments I'm not too proud of b/c at that moment it was all his fault, even though I really knew it wasn't) But, I was in the middle of a parking lot, with both boys, by myself and I could not lift the groceries into the car. Will, Luke and I all managed to get it done, but it wasn't pretty! Have I ever told you that I LOVE MY BOYS!?!?!?! At that moment, I thanked God AGAIN for giving me two boys, they saved Mommy and I let them know they would ALWAYS be my heros!
Well Saturday night and Sunday we just chilled at the house, cooked out both at home and with some great friends! I cleaned a whole lot and got everything ready for this week. This is the boys last week of preschool for this year. Now Will is GRADUATING from preschool and will be entering KINDERGARTEN in August! It's been so emotional for me this week. All day when I thought about it, it literally brought tears to my eyes. My little angel, first born baby boy is going to KINDERGARTEN in August. Ya'll, this day I thought would never come and I bet at some point during these past 5.5 years I probably looked forward to it, but now that we are coming upon these days, I'm dreading them with every part of my being. I wish to GOD I could just put my family and my little angels into a bubble for no one to ever hurt them or say anything negative to them. I continue to PRAY for my boys (and I always will) but I just PRAY that we raise them with knowledge of our Lord and they know how important it is to always do the right thing. I'm terrified, terrified & terrified for my children in this horrible, unGodly world! They only know OUR world and OUR world includes our Lord & Savior, I never want them to know anything else and I PRAY that I can continue to build strong roots for them!
Thank you so much for allowing me to always poor out my feelings, I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow of Will's BIG day... Everyone have a great evening!


Candice Pair said...

Aww sweet post...even brought a tear to my eye! I went to my nephews kindergarten graduation Friday and I couldnt help be tear up thinking about I completely understand! Sorry to hear about your back, too!

Memphis Mama said...

That is so sweet! I can't even imagine L going off to school. I hope your back is better!