Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Story

Well I got this great idea from MemphisMaMa and Emily had a little lamb so I thought I must do the same thing! Enjoy the LOVE train :)

I met Cary/John (whatever you call him) on March 13, 2002. So let's back up a few weeks... The girl that has always done my hair, knew that I just broke up with my highschool sweetheart. I was about to start college and she knew her brother~in~law was looking for someone so she just mentioned, if you want to go out on a date let me know. Well, back to March 13, 2002.... I was going by her house (my hair dresser, Amanda) and he just so happened to be there. I knew he was there b/c he had a red mustang and it was in front of their house. Well, I got a little nervous so I drove on bye. I had NO idea he was outside when I did so and saw the whole thing. Now he says it was like "Well there's Katie" and then "maybe it wasn't her because she just drove by" A few minutes later I got the urge to go back and go in. (So immature I know!!!) He was still outside when I pulled up and so we introduced ourselves and that was about it! I left there that night thinking....hmm, how weird would it be if we started dating, because I must say he's a attractive guy :)

About two weeks later I was over at Chris & Amanda's house (his brother and sister~in~law) and I told them that he was such a cutie and they said he had joked around saying he's going to ask me out. So, I just called him up (yes ladies, I made a mistake by calling him first) ... We talked for a little while and then he ended up calling me... We met up a few times with his brother and sister~in~law and then it was over from there. We had our first official date at Bennihana's and now I find out he hates that place...ha! He never told me that but I was so nervous, I'm younger than him (5 years) and so here I am starting college and he's in a totally different time in his life. Luckily, if you've known me for awhile, I was never the typical "college girl" because I was ready to get serious. Everyone calls me a "old soul" We moved in together after over a year of dating and found out two months later we were pregnant with Will. It was definitely a scary time for us both, but we made it through together and after Will was born we got married!
John is my best friend! I could not imagine my life without him! He always makes me laugh and is always there for me! He is honestly the man God made just for me. We compliment each other so well. Now we both have careers, two beautiful babies and a lifetime of love to give to each other! We look forward to many more family vacations, maybe one more baby (God Willing), our kids graduations, Grandbabies one day, growing old together. I could not imagine my life any different! God is Good!!!
I hope you enjoyed "our story" and please, oh please tell us all yours!!!

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