Thursday, May 28, 2009



The older I get, the more I realize just how important those good friends are for each one of us. I have a few people that I can count on for anything and I would not change that for the world. The only problem lately is time... I'm very frusterated because I'm so busy with life, that is hard to have time to see anyone but the people I cross paths with daily! I need to just make the time, but I'm also hard headed... Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one at times making time for some people, even if it's just picking up the phone to say hello. Does that mean they don't think of me as I think of them?!?! I know we are all busy and all, but some of them don't work and I wonder... I'm working full time, trying to get the kids together and making fun, quality time each day with each one of them, taking care of a house, being a wife and chef; but I still continue to make time for these people. Not everyday, but I do make time for them... it seems that I think about them more than they think about me. I could just be sensitive or maybe I'm just a good multi tasker...haha! But the older I get, the more I think good friends are important in our lives, but are the good ones I'm picking out the right ones for me??? Life is hard at times and it's always good to have those people that you can turn to no matter what. I don't know why I'm feeling like this lately... am I crazy? I should have a ton of other things to worry about, but in the end; family and friends is all we have! I hope soon I can make more memories with all of my friends and I know since most of them are married and starting to have kids of their own and have kids of their own... they understand the frusterations too! Sometimes I miss the days where I didn't have much to worry about and all I cared about what having a good time with everyone, BUT I would not trade one second without my babies to do that all over again! I'm very thankful for my life and I hope no one ever thinks differently, I just wish it was easier to see more people, that's all! But, if God intends on me to only hang out with my angels that I would not change anything for, my hubby and my sweet, perfect neighborhood buddies (that all have kids within the same age, that's pretty much all I see lately) then I'm a pretty happy girl, I just still will always miss some of the people that have touched my life!
Thanks for letting me vent and everyone have a blessed day!

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