Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Update..

I normally don't post on the weekends, just because we are so busy and I try to spend 100% of my time will all 3 of my boys. Right now all 3 of my boys are napping, the laundry is done for now and the kitchen is clean... so a perfect opportunity to blog :)
Yesterday my Mom and I had a garage sale at the house. Ya see... I have never been a real believer in garage sales, it seems like we always have been the ones to never make a dime!! I told John that if this one was a bust... then I would never put him through another one. Well, God did another miracle. I prayed Friday night before going to bed that either way God would just show me that I had not been wasting my time for the past few weeks getting this thing together. Well it was a HUGE success and I LOVE garage sales now. Sure I hate getting up at 5am, staying up Friday night to make sure everything is perfect, oh and smelling horrible all day because your sweating your booty off... but it was well worth it~ and I look forward to the next one! It was such a bitter sweet day though. I got rid of a lot of baby things. Luke's baby bedding was the one that really got to me... He's not my baby anymore!!! It's so sad!! It breaks my heart that he will be 3 in a month. I constantly go back and forth about having another little one running around here. People would say that I'm crazy for even thinking that, I honestly feel that I am crazy at times, but that God has always put something in my heart to have children. John knows that I was up front about having many children since we first met. He's definitley on the same page with that as well, but as a man he thinks more about the financial part, HOW WILL WE HANDLE ANOTHER BABY, FINANCIALLY??!!?? That's the biggest question right now, are we ready or are we not?!?! Definitely not right now, but I pray every night that God will allow something to change when it comes to our finances, so we will be back on better grounds! I suspect it to be several more years before we are ready again, but that baby will be prayed for and wanted for SO long! We do only want 1 more though... so whatever God blesses us with we will be thrilled!
Today we have been so busy! The boys went with me to do our weekly grocery shopping and then Grandaddy came over to help Daddy with his truck. He's having some problems and it has to go to the shop this week because they couldn't figure out what's wrong with it. Please keep us in your prayers, it's been one thing after the other with us and it just seems that we can't take a break lately with money. Once we get a single teeny tiny bit in savings, it's gone because something else comes up... SO, that is our frusterations right now! Sometimes I wish so badly things we different, but I do know that we are not in control and God will continue to take care of us like he has for so long! Better days are ahead, they have already started and things are looking a lot better, I guess we are just being impatient, it's all in God's timing!!
Tomorrow we are going to John's brothers house to visit and eat some yummy food. It has been way too long since we have been out there and we are thoroughly looking forward to it! I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial day weekend and God Bless America!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your yard sale! I think that it all depends on the weather. Start saving up now for your next one. Glad that I found you.