Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chances Are....

...if the 4wheeler is running- the boys are hoping to ride with Daddy

...if the house is quiet- I would not know what to do with myself

...if you saw the boys hair- you would not believe me when I say last year this time, they were two different colors, now they have the exact hair color

...if Luke picks out his jammies- it will be his Spiderman ones

...if the TV is on- Daddy is watching sports, new or something I want to watch :)

...if we see a storm cloud- Will is most likely thinking there will be a tornado

...if you stopped by- my house would be picked up

...if we walked down the street- we would visit with our dear friends and neighbors

...if Mom is cooking- it's going to be yummy

...if we are driving somewhere- Luke will be talking non stop

... if you checked in the boys room- you would see them playing with their trains right now :)

...if you liked reading this- you might want to play along!!!

1 comment:

MamaBear said...

My kids played with their trains today too :)

Thanks for playing along!