Monday, July 27, 2009

Sign of the Times...

These days are just different. I guess you would say it is the "new" normal for a lot of different families. There's several different subjects tonight I wanted to touch on.

First, just about everyone we know is having financial problems. In some way shape or form.. people are just tightening up. I'm in sales and see it everyday, it has definitely effected our home, but you just deal with it. We cut back as much as we can and just try our hardest to still have a good time but just not spend as much money. All you can do is your best and if you know you have done your best... then the rest will fall into place. It's funny how it seems that people are starting to talk about it more now, it's like there is a sense that we all know that everyone is having to watch what they spend, so it's just understood. I'm a talker and love to tell anyone and everyone what's on my mind, so I like that about the "understood"... I talk about it now to people that I know are having problems too. It gives us a chance to talk, vent and get ideas that might help our family. I came from a family that you just don't talk about your problems, but I embrace this problem (sure I don't like it) but I believe it is making me a stronger person, Christian and Wife... I'm learning a lot. I encourage you all to just discuss with people that you trust your problems... it will amaze you at how many people might be going through the same thing as you and it sure makes you feel better when you find out your not alone.

Secondly, John and I were watching TV tonight while I was finishing up dinner. It was about 7pm and we were just simply watching our CBS show. Let me tell you how mad this makes me... these were some of the words they were saying on CBS... sex, b*tch, penis, vagina... (these were the ones that I wrote down) We had to change the channel b/c the boys were playing in the living room right in FRONT of the TV. I am just in shock that they allow these people to say those kinds of things on national, primetime hours. It's not like it's past 8 or 9 pm when typically kids are in bed.... oh no, it was 7pm in the evening, right smack dab in the middle of the hectic night that most people with children have.... I was simply appalled and now know that we all can't even watch TV before the kids go to bed.

So, what is the world coming too... I've been scared lately, I should not be scared though. I need to trust in Him and know that he will take care of us all. But when I can't simply watch TV in front of my kids, I can't let my kids play outside by themselves, I can't get my pedicures anymore due to that being what I gave up to save some money and I can't even trust the ice cream man that comes by the house b/c he's just too creepy... I mean seriously, is this the SIGNS OF THE TIMES or what??? To me right now I guess you would say it's the "new" normal!

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Emily said...

Oh yeah, the signs of the times are right in front of us. You don't even have to be a Christian to see it either.