Saturday, July 11, 2009

This past week...

Last weekend for the 4Th of July, we took the boys to Georgia to visit my family. We only get to go a few times a year, so when we go I am ecstatic and prepared for a long, busy and fun weekend! This year was a very special year to go, on my Dad's side of the family, we celebrate the 4Th of July in a big huge way... Since my Grandmother has passed away, the whole family has not been together in almost 5 years. I thought, since my boys are older, I wanted them to experience the 4Th of July, how I experienced it each year. My Grandmother lives right on a lake in Peachtree City, conveniently right across from where the fireworks are shot off each year. It is a huge party in her backyard each year with people and family members that we haven't seen in forever! This year was so much fun and I hope to make it a family tradition of ours to be there each year!

We also had so much fun visiting my Mom's side of the family while we were there. We had a cookout on Friday night with them and it was so much fun!!!! We love our families so much and feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful family members!!!

Here's some pics below of our weekend :)

Oh we LOVE the DVD player... makes road trips a breeze!!

life is rough!!

My cousin Michelle and I waiting for the fireworks!!

Most of the Thompson side of the family...

Some of my Mom's part of the family...

My angels... I love this pic!!!

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Emily said...

Love the pictures.. looks like everyone had a wonderful time.