Tuesday, September 8, 2009

50th Post... WHOOP WHOOP :)

Yes Mam, you read it right.... this is my 50th post!!! I never knew in a million years that I would be on facebook & myspace... much less blogging to the world, but this has brought me such wonderful people to my life and I thank you all so much!! Y'all are part of my family and I feel like I know each and every one of you so well!! I was always the girl who said it was so "whatever" to be on all of these social websites, little did I know it was such a blessing and I feel priviledged to share my life and my love of the LORD to all of you wonderful ladies!!!
Now let's get to the labor day weekend... It was such a good one. Luke and Daddy didn't feel the best all weekend, but we still tried to make the best of it!! OLE MISS did get their act together and won the game...(WHEW, I was getting worried about being in this house another day with my hubby if Ole Miss lost) :) The joke of the weekend was that I seriously ate ALL weekend long. I did not stop eating, it was like I had a tapeworm or something in my tummy. I mean, John finally asked (in a funny, nice way of course) if he needed to put a lock on the pantry door. HA! I can't believe I just admitted this to y'all, but I was getting worried for myself...
Below is a pic of the steak we had Saturday night.... I made spaghetti Friday night, Sunday night had tacos, after eating hamburgers for lunch on Sunday and then Monday morning I made breakfast for the family and Monday night we did pork chops. It was oh so yummy, like I starved myself all summer and I'm making up for it, but this week I'm definitely back on my diet :)

This is my beautiful Momma holding Lukie while we are grilling out Saturday night....

Luke being his little monkey self :)

my other monkey :)...

Will sporting his Ole Miss jersey.... he said that his "new ole miss jersey must of come from new jersey", then said "Mommy have you ever been to New Jersey to see all of the "new jerseys".... "No baby, I have not ever been there :) "

Oh and we can't forget Luke in his jersey...he had to wear Will's, even though they had matching "new jerseys" but oh well, he's proud of himself :)

He and his MiMi on the riding lawn mower.... he has to do this every time we visit :)

I hope you all enjoyed your time with the people you love the most this weekend. It is back to the grind this week, but atleast it's a short week :)
I will leave you all with this verse that touched me this morning.... love you all!!!
"The LOVE of money is the root of all evil" 1st Timothy 6:10
P.S. that goes in conjunction to my Dave Ramsey reading I am doing...oh God is Good!!!

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Katie said...

Your family is precious. Thank you for praying for us!