Friday, September 4, 2009


Y'all this is by far the best time of the year!!! SEC College football is hands down, the best thing to watch! Us Southern Girls (and GUYS) look forward to FOOTBALL each year! As most of you know, I'm a Georgia Girl! Born in Georgia and most of my family still living in Georgia, my blood runs red for the Georgia Bulldogs!! I remember as a little girl, my Daddy taking me to the games with him and the WHOLE family, I always wore my little cheerleading uniform and just had a ball. From that point on, I've always enjoyed SEC College Football, who wouldn't with all of the tradition and fun?!?!
Below is a picture that my Daddy took last year when he went to a Georgia game of Sanford stadium! The campus in Athens, GA is so beautiful and has so much tradition and heritage every where you walk! Here's my chant...IT'S GREAT...TO BE... A G-E-O-R-G-I-A B-U-L-L-D-O-G, I SAID IT'S GREAT... TO BE... A GEORGIA BULLDOG :) GO DAWGS!!!!

Since I did grow up here in Tennessee most of my life, I'm very familiar to Ole Miss. I never imagined marrying someone who absolutely eats, sleeps and breaths Ole Miss football!! He could tell you every statistic there EVER was for Ole Miss. Below is a picture of Vault Hemingway Stadium, which is also a beautiful campus and stadium!! Most of our relationship we have had season tickets to the games down in Oxford, MS. (actually, that is how I knew my hubby was really into me when he asked if I wanted a season ticket with him that year, it was in the 2002-2003 season!)

This picture was taken right after Will was born, at one of the games. John's not too fond of this picture but I love it so I just had to put it up! Yes, those are head phones on his head, not only does he watch the game live (just a few feet away) he also listens on his head phones to what the announcers are saying about each play. Serious business people!!! :)

This is what we see at each game... the end zone :)

Oh yes, and we can't miss the pom girls... thanks hunny, I knew I could find a picture of either cheerleaders or pom girls :)

I hope you all enjoyed a little history of what teams we follow here at Clementsville. If it was up to my Dad, Will and Luke would be 100% DAWG fans. Don't get my wrong, they do pull for Georgia when they are NOT playing Ole Miss, but they have been bread to love Ole Miss football, they are just as excited about the new season as we are!!!
Love you all and enjoy this weekend! HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Where in TN were you at? Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!! = )

Emily said...

Woo-Hoo! I am loving this weekend already... although I am a TN girl!!!