Monday, September 21, 2009

I guess I could call it a funk...

Hey ladies... please forgive me for the time off I have taken from blogging. Like I said last week, I have been in a funk, I felt myself over come that this last weekend though because I got SO much stuff done in my house. (I'm talking a major "fall" cleaning, I even cleaned out both boys closets and took out everything that they can't wear and changed it with some fall/winter new clothes that I have been meaning to get in their closets) Oh, what a joyous feeling it is my friends!!! I have not been a funk at home, just on the internet and blogging (and work too). I actually have enjoyed some quality time with my 3 most favorite men in my life, so I guess you could say God Blessed me with some much needed rest! :)
Today, Luke got sick at school. A few weeks ago Will was sick, so we all have been passing something around. He has a super high 103.4 fever today, I treated it with tylenol and called the doctor, he said for me to treat it at home and if he still has it on Wednesday to come in the office. Please pray he is better by then, I hate to see my babies sick, I wish I could be sick for them!!! The Hubs and I both tonight are looking at each other and not feeling the best either. I hope we can make it to bed early tonight and all we need is some much needed rest!! I hope y'all have had a blessed Monday, I promise to have a slam dunk post soon!
Please pray that things God has placed in my heart come true in His timing, I'm a firm believer that He places things in our hearts for a reason! Some different things keep coming up in our lives and all I know to do is pray and wait for Him to show me the way!!! God is amazing, He has done amazing things around my household lately. One of them being that my marriage is the strongest it has ever been, God is so good! I feel that I've always had a pretty strong marriage, but things the past month have just clicked really well, I'm in love with my little family more than I ever have felt it before! (ok.. enough of my mushy talk, but seriously ladies.... I can't say enough how much I love Jesus Christ!!!! He's amazing and he does miracles!!! )

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Memphis Mama said...

Awww I really hope Luke feels better soon!