Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh Boys.. Oh Lord...

This weekend so far has been a very normal, fun, relaxing weekend! I did my usual: clean house, put the kiddos outside so I could get stuff done and turn on some tunes to enjoy my time!!!
Shortly after the boys had been outside playing, Will comes running in the house screaming
"Mom, me and Luke have been playing with this frog, he "was" hopping like this (he goes on to show my how the frog "was" hopping) and then he was just so little and cute I just had to step on him, Mommy please don't be upset".... Y'all, my initial reaction was " YOU DID WHAT?? WILL how in the world would you like this really tall kid to come up to you and stepped on you just because you were so little and cute... please don't step on anymore frogs, they are nice and the next time you see one, don't step on them, just hop along with them"
I got my fall decor out of the attic today too... Outside is done so now I'm working on the inside. I was at Wal-Mart earlier and saw some things that I really wanted to get, but I have so much fall decor... If I came home with anything else having to do with halloween or fall, my hubs would probably make me take it back :) BUT, the boys LOVE decorating with me! This year was the first year that I let them help me, they were on cloud 9 and enjoyed it SO much! I feel bad now for not allowing them to help more often, it will definitely be a more frequent thing around this house.
Tonight, Will and Daddy practiced Will's football skills. That is Will's latest "thing", he wants so badly to be a football player. It tickled my heart to see my hubby out there with his eldest son, thowing the football. When you have kids, especially boys, this is something Daddy's look forward too. John finally has a boy, old enough to throw the ball with... it's so sweet and Daddy has not stopped talking about it tonight, it must of made him feel just as good as it did Will :)
So, I hope you ALL are enjoying time with your family this early fall weekend!
God Bless and Love Y'all!


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great week!! Dave tried to make Macy a tomboy...but she is 100% diva! LOL Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! = )

Juggling Thoughts said...

Just found you on Kelly's Korner and thought I would drop in! What a beautiful family!

My personal blog:

If you are ever interested in a new blog design makeover, I would love to work with you!

Have a lovely day!

Lauren & Brian Meewes said...

Poor froggy! Cute story but sad! Oh, little boys!!

Emily said...

Oh no, that poor frog.. boys will be boys! LOL!

I love fall.. I only have a few fall decorations, but I hope to get them up very soon!

Thanks for leaving your sweet comment. You made me smile :)

Memphis Mama said...

So cute!

amanda said...

fall is my favorite season to decorate for. thanks for your super sweet comments on my blog all the time as well. :0) i've just become your newest follower. :0)

Anonymous said...

left you a little surprise on my blog = )


I hope you will share your decorating pics soon. Have a great day.