Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh what a day....

I have no idea why this picture is so blurry on here, but this is a lady that will be missed by SO many in the Memphis area. She is Sherri Sawyer, today she went to be with the Lord! Even though for some time now we had expected this day to come, it still hurts so bad! She fought cancer off and on since 1992, she was a true warrior! She hired my Mom in the radio business and she has known me since I was 3, she then hired me back a few years ago at a local radio station and just a few months ago I had to give her my resignation. We have kept in touch since then because she understood my situation and she was the #1 supporter of me!!!! She will be truly missed and she is the strongest person I have ever known! May God Bless the Sawyer family, a little piece of Memphis went to be with the Lord today!!!!

On another sad note, today was the day I was to take my big exam for my license. I didn't do too bad, but not as good to pass :( I knew I was going to do so well, I got a 93 on the practice test this morning, then got in there and NOTHING I studied was on the test, I have been so upset all afternoon, but I'm not the only one who failed and it just means I have to take it again, no big deal!!!

Tomorrow is the hubs birthday, therefore it is a happy day and we get to spend it with wonderful family and I think my Mom is coming in town this weekend, even better!!! Y'all have a great Friday!


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