Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our busy but fun 4 day weekend!

My Dad grew up on this beautiful lake and home in a small town in Georgia. Well it's not so small anymore, but the area and home are just so beautiful and relaxing. The 4th of July has always been a big deal in our family and we try as much as possible to spend it together. This year was the first time in years that all of the grandkids (and our kids now) and all of the aunts and uncles all made a point to be together. It was such a great time and above is a picture of the whole family with all of the new kids. It seems there are so many little ones running around now, it's so much fun!!!!

Here's Uncle Brandon (my brother) playing football with Will, this was the sport of the weekend, everyone played all weekend long :) We are big SEC football fans, down there it's Georgia Bulldog fans, but on my hubs side of the family it's Ole Miss fans, but the boys are being raised to love both!

My Dad with his Grandboys

My Mom and her babies :) My Mom lives down there now, so it was so nice being with both my Dad and Mom's side of the family, not all at the same time but all in one weekend!

Me and my love, I could not of made that quick trip without him!!! He's my love and yesterday when we were leaving, Will broke down before getting in the car, we were sad all morning before leaving and he just could not keep it in longer. So we had to leave and he was crying, then I started crying when we were leaving so the hubs started crying too... it was a sad moment, but we all got over it and were ready to get back home! We do miss my family so much but we had such a wonderful time, it was a blessing to be able to go!!!

Y'all have a terrific Tuesday!!!!


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all4boys said...

Awwww! The family that cries together, stays together! We've all done that, too! My poor hubby has to deal with my emotions all the time, and he's been known to join me. :( Like when we were saying goodbye to the Iceland people. We were bawling. I am so glad you had a fun w/end! I'll see ya Sunday, hopefully! I wish there was church tonight...but there's not.