Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Thursday morning my day started off to normal, dropped the boys off at church camp, then headed into work for a few hours. I have a sales class every Thursday from 11:30 am til 1pm. I left the office and headed that way but little did I know it would be a weird ride. At each red light I noticed my car was shaking and acting like it was about to die. I called the hubs (who was at work) to tell him what was going on with my car, when I would go my car acted like it did not have much power to go real fast, so I just slowly made my way to the meeting. Once I got there, I parked at the last parking spot in the row because I didn't know what would happen when I tried to crank it, to leave after the meeting. My car would not start, so a co worker came over to help me get it cranked, when it did crank, the smell of gas fumes was so bad and it was still running very rough... I knew something bad has happened and I got it to my hubs work, Thank God I made it! We took it to the shop, thinking something horrible had happened and would need to be fixed, thankfully it was something minor and just needed a new fuel injector, so Friday afternoon we picked it up to start the weekend... the title of this blog should be "if it's not one thing going on, it's a million" because our life lately is full of crazy times!

Yesterday I took the boys to a local sprinkler park, again I forgot my camera. We had a good time with our church family there, it was too much fun!

A good friend of mine lost her father yesterday to cancer, my heart and prayers go out to the Cook family, if you would please say a prayer for them, even though he had cancer and has for a year now, it's still hard, the doctors told them recently he was on the road to recovery and something turned bad this week and he lost his fight. God is in control and Mr. Cook is in such a better place than we are for sure!!!!

We are enjoying a lazy, wonderful Sunday afternoon after church this morning. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and have a blessed week!!



Karen Mortensen said...

That is crazy about your car. Glad it wasn't too bad.
Sorry about your friend's father. My father had cancer for 5 years and died in 1985. Even though we knew it was going to happen it still was hard when it did.

Brooke said...

Glad you had a nice day...I did too!