Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I want to do...

I am the kind of person that has SO many ideas of what I want to do with my house, but I have NEVER accomplished all of them.... there is still so much I want to do, I do not even know where to begin!!! So maybe if I write down a list of what I want to do, it will get done, so here's my list!!!

1. Paint my master bedroom (which is currently a sage green color) a chocolate brown, I think white bedding, dark furniture and brown and cream walls will look DELICIOUS!!!!!

2. Paint master bath (I have had this color for years now, just been lazy about getting it done)

3. Repaint rod iron bed white to go into guest bedroom (needs a new coat of paint)

4. Redo boys bathroom (get rid of the rubber ducky, kid look) going for a adult look

5. Finally get my bamboo shades put up in my kitchen (I've had them for awhile now too)

6. Get drapes made for living room

7. Stain kitchen table, I think black, still negotiating with the hubs on this one

8. Stain concrete in my whole house besides the bedrooms, I want to keep carpet in those bedrooms

9. Re tile the bathrooms and fireplace

10. Repaint the garage

These are the things I can think of right now that I would love to snap my fingers and be done with... so in I will keep y'all informed as to what we do and when we do it and show y'all before and after pictures... it should be exciting, for me atleast :)

(#8-10 will be done last, the rest is very inexpensive!)


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