Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Will..

About a week ago I asked Will a serious question "Name 6 things that you LOVE about yourself"

Here are his responses... word for word :)

1. I can run really fast Mom, faster than Jacob (his friend in school, my poor son is very competitive!)

2. I can punt a ball really high

3. I has gotten all "e's" on my conduct report this whole year (2011)

4. My eyes are green so I can see in the dark ????

5. My hands are getting bigger :)

6. I am proud I can do my arms around and around, kind of rolling really fast (not sure what he's meaning by this, but it was funny)

I have learned lately that it is SO important to ask your children questions, allow them to tell you more about their day, their life and what's on their mind. At our house, these boys don't shut their mouths until their heads hit the bed at night, but they are usually talking about stuff that I tend to tune out sometimes, because life does get busy... BUT taking time, simple time for my boys has made a difference.

I have a story about a recent visit to the dentist, will share about that soon!!

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