Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Daddy and other stuff

Recently my Dad moved from Tampa, FL back to his home town of Peachtree City, GA (before Tampa, he was here, in Memphis)... Peachtree City is where he grew up, met my Mom, got married, had children... that is where he thought he would raise his family. Until the day Northwest Airlines had other plans to move our family (when I was just 3) to Memphis, TN. Fortunately, with him working for the airlines, we were ALWAYS flying back and forth to Georgia to visit our family and loved ones. I call home in Tennessee, it is where I grew up, got married, had children and it's where my life is today. It's a sad situation in my opinion, yes I would love to be the perfect girl who has her whole family around her and sees them all the time, in a perfect world, I would live on the same street as my family, my WHOLE family because I just love them all that much. God would have other plans for my life though and I have learned, especially lately, that you love what you have and deal with the rest!
So today, as my Dad is in town on business, it's times like these that I feel like a little girl again, SO excited to see my Daddy today and spend some MUCH needed time with him and see my boys playing with their "Pop Pop"

Also, today we are under severe weather threats... This afternoon should be interesting, I pray nothing major happens, nice loud storms is about all I'm asking for today. Even though a part of me gets excited about BAD weather, I know I must be sick in the head or something, but we shall see... Jim Cantore from the weather channel is here, in Memphis, so you know he always goes to the bad parts of the weather :)
I pray y'all are having a blessed week and everyone stays safe!!


all4boys said...

You like bad weather? I do not. :( It freaks me out a little...more, now that I'm a mom. And my kids are just like me...they freak out when tornado sirens go off.

Stay safe and enjoy your daddy!!

Mrs. Jansson said...

Stay safe! I really like your post today...I always thought that I'd end up moving back to Memphis (where I was born and raised)after college but instead I married a boy from Seattle. Now I live 3,000 miles away from all my family and childhood friends. I never expected that! Funny how God's plans for our lives can be so different from what we might plan for ourselves, huh?

PS I love your blog Katie!