Thursday, February 10, 2011

hopefully the FINAL snow of 2011

So we did get another snow storm here in the MidSouth, this is #4 or 5 now for 2011. Crazy for the South, I'm a Southern girl and just not use to this kind of weather! I hope it is the last for another year!

Below are the boys making "train tracks" they said :)

I thought this was super cute... besides Luke's face... silly boy!!

Me and my sweet boys!!

Will said he wanted to dunk his face in the snow because he was so happy.... so he did so! :)

This is Will after church on Sunday, he looked so big and I just had to take a picture, but in this picture he looks the same, ha, but he IS getting SO big!!

On another note, keep prayers coming for my PCOS stuff it's for the birds, who knew that 8 and 5 years ago I got pregnant with NO problem at all and now we would like to have another one and my body is not cooperating... I don't know how many more times I can see another ovulation stick that says I'm not ovulating... or maybe I'm doing them wrong?? Either way, VERY frusterating, but still trusting in Him that His timing will be perfect and He knows the desires of my heart!!!

Hope y'all have a beautiful Friday!!

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There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

I'm about to spring for the digital OPKs...those darn things are so confusing!