Monday, February 14, 2011

a day of LOVE

Today is a day of LOVE... I really do enjoy Valentine's day, it is in my top 3 holiday's. Yesterday was my birthday, thank you all for your well wishes!! I enjoyed the day with my family and got lots of goodies... will share about those later!
This is a picture of the hubs and I, probably 8 months into dating, we headed over to Gatlinburg for a week of fun... see back then it was pre kiddos days- we could up and go anywhere whenever we wanted... ahhh...

We were SO in love, planning out futures together, we knew by then that we were getting married, just didn't know when, how, what... we just knew we were in LOVE!!! Today I love this man more than I ever thought was possible before!!!

I am blessed to have two other little Valentine's to love and care for... I will always be their first Valentine's and that melts my heart!!! Tonight the hubs and I are treating our other Valentines to a dinner date out with Mommy and Daddy.. I can't wait!!!!

Also, I'm missing my Mommy a whole lot today, prayers would be appreciated, we always did fun, silly things on Valentine's together... she needs to move back ASAP!!! :)

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Katie said...

This is the sweetest picture. I love those SO in love pics. Takes you back to a special time. ; )