Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can we say: Reality Check?

This picture makes me happy when I see it, this is my brother Brandon. Yes, single ladies, he is single... If I do say so myself, he is down right adorable and has the BEST personality. He is carefree, adventurous and lives life to the FULLEST!
He just got a ear full from me, he was in Costa Rica, visiting for several weeks (hint:he is carefree, adventurous and lives life the the fullest) and only checked in with me 1 time. For us that is a eternity. We talk almost daily and when he is vacationing anywhere, he always keeps us updated on where he is at that time in his vacation. I got the lovely call from him this morning that all is well, he knew I was hunting him down, I left him voicemails, texts, messages on facebook (personal and on his wall for all to see) and contacted many of his friends. Yes call me crazy but he is my bro and that is just what this little sissy is here to do, to take care of him and make sure he is well. When I hadn't heard from him I got really worried. God answered my prayers but I was kind of looking forward to taking a trip down to Costa Rica to find him myself, it would of be nice, just not under those circumstances!
On a totally different thought, I am SO sick of facebook y'all. I do like facebook, but I just can't stand the "fakeness" of facebook. It would be different if people would tell the truth and be real, not that I'm not saying people don't, but I am guilty of it too. I like to always be positive, say encouraging things on my page, very rarely will I ever put anything negative on facebook of myself or life and that is just so not true! Life is life, it is so hard at times but yet so joyful as well. I don't know, do you think I'm thinking too much into this? I just know some people, and I mean I really know them, and on facebook they are completely different people. It blows my mind, then I see something I want and then I start getting jealous or something crazy like that. People all over the place are having babies, their kids are always perfect, in love with their kids and spouses 100% of the time, have the "perfect" life and that is just not true, that's not "real" life! I find myself being sinful, jealous, over what other people have. Things that I want and don't have right now, when really I should be looking at my own life, loving on the things God has blessed me with right now, even the bad things, because those things will make me who I am years down the road.
With all of this being said, I am limiting my time, resources, comments and friends on facebook. I think it will help me check back into myself and my own life... This is a weakness of mine, just trying to keep it real!
Have y'all ever had the same thoughts?

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