Thursday, March 24, 2011

His Love Never Fails

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I go on each day, check up on your blogs, but just don't find the time to post something myself.

This week is my first week in a new office, with a few new faces, but with the same company. I have really enjoyed it, I HATE change, but this I do believe is a good change!

My heart or emotions is having problems this week. Yesterday we had such a wonderful speaker at our woman's class at church. She is someone that grew up going to church with the hubs and she told her "story" of faith with included trials and hardship, but she showed how God's "Love Never Fails" in each of her life circumstances. It really had me thinking a lot last night about "My story" Everyone has a "story", some might be worse than others, but we are are sisters and brothers on this Earth trying to live life to the best that we know. Y'all I cried the whole way home, while fixing dinner, while eating, while tucking the boys into bed... then I cried during my quiet time with the Lord. He touched me last night and there have been things I have never said to Him, things I have never thanked Him for, situations He has protected me and I'm not sure He understands how much I love him, HIS LOVE FOR ME HAD ME CRYING ALL NIGHT!!! That is something amazing people! That is a special time, yes it exhausted me, but I was exhausted in the Lord and He is SO loving, forgiving, nurturing, caring, He is my Heavenly Father!

When my earthly Father can not fill my needs or voids that a daughter needs, my Heavenly Father NEVER left my side. I thank Him for that!

I thank Him for saving my mothers life 12 years ago. He could of taken her from us, that would of been ok if that was His Will, but it wasn't, he saved her life for a reason, oh Lord you are SO loving!

I have always longed for a family of my own, maybe because of my broken family, but God gave me a Christian man at the age of 18, I have been with him ever since. God protected me y'all, I could of been with all kinds of people, I had a heart that needed a man to love and care for me, God gave me that at a young age, he spared me from lots of heart ache and devilish acts!

In God's timing, he gave me children at once again, SUCH a young age. I didn't understand at the time (I did, I mean I know how it happened) and I never complained, I rejoyced, we embraced it and I never looked back. Those two miracles make my body ache because I love them so much. We aren't sure I can grow another life in my womb, God gave me the desires of my heart, at such a young at because He knew my future. He protected, loved and cared for me SO much that He did this for me!

Financial hardships were had when the hubs and I just knew we would always be prepared for anything! God allowed us to go through those times, He taught us a hard lesson in life, we perservered, honored Him and now are back on track, several years ago we didn't know what our future held, He once again protected us, loved on us and cares for us all so much!!!

This whole topic has me fired up lately. I find myself during the day just praising Him for everything, even the bad times, they teach us all a valuable lesson! Lately I have been trying to listen for my Lord to really speak to me, have more time to be quiet and listen!!!

On another note, we are really wanting to move due to well our house and school district. We are having to start updating a lot of things in our home, which is just fine, but it's going to take time and money. We want to move back to one of the town's we grew up in, thankfully they are right next to each other! So, we feel God leading us in the right direction, no we do not expect to be moving fast or soon, but I am thankful to be preparing ourselves now and for the Lord to still be guiding our lives!!!


Have a blessed Friday! It's suppose to rain all weekend here in the MidSouth, so let's hope that I can get lots of house work done :) Next week I need to finish working on the garden (I will do a post all on that next week) I am really getting into that this year!!!



Mrs. Jansson said...

Great post Katie! It's crazy how we tend to turn to Him only when things aren't going well. You are right, we should turn to Him during the good times too. Isn't it funny that God's plans for us don't always make sense at the time but later, looking back,we can put the pieces together and see what He was protecting us from or teaching us? Love your blog Katie!

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Awesome post girl! Love you and I know God has special plans in store for you and your family.