Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween Recap

 I do understand Halloween was 3 weeks ago but ya know.... my life is just busy, busy with 3 boys!
I took these pictures in our front yard of Westin. He is trying to give me a leaf in this one, he's not too sure about the grass. :)

Here is a close up on that little fella getting him a leaf. I could eat those tiny fingers up, I just love him so much!

Westin was a pumpkin this year. Yes I know so original. He was super cute and didn't mind the costume at all. He is such my chill baby. I look kind of scary in this picture, I had a house full of crazy kids and adults but this is the only good picture of Westin. 

My two older boogers wore these dark clothes and a silly mask. Of course they took the mask off about 2 minutes after having them on. Therefore I have no pictures of them with the mask on but they sure are precious in this picture.

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. The only thing I like about it is that fall has come. That is such an exciting time after the blazing hot summer's we have here in Memphis. Regardless the boys had a blast and that is all that matters.

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